FEMME DMC is a Vienna-based movement, striving to establish a worldwide female Hip Hop scene. Ever since our founding in 2015 we’ve created a platform which assures a safe space for growth and progress to female artists. A „safe space“ to us is a place without racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination.

The main purpose at Femme DMC is making individual expression and growth possible through teamwork and unity. Femme DMC is therefore a house being build by all members – the four pilars of Hip Hop serve as the main foundation of this building. That’s why our focus lies primarily on Rap (MCing), DJing, Dance and Graffiti – whereby our visual concept as well features live video projections (VJanes).
We basically want to halt and break the stagnation in the currently male dominated Hip Hop Scene to create an equilibrium and to set an example for strength and diversity. Femme DMC is set out to be the source of an energy flow that stands mainly for progress.

The Live shows take place every two months, with Femme DMDance (DJ’s & Dancers) proceeding every two weeks. We’re also booking artists from other countries to further the international network just as we want to support locals empowering the teamspirit.

Femme DMC does not rely on a specific target group or audience, instead we strive to get to as many people as possible. With a feature through Femme DMC every „heroine“ also gets an exclusive Video-Interview which will be screened before the artists performance.
Hereby we wish to help establish a deeper artist to audience connection, furthermore it is also our goal to document all of our steps and help write the „Herstory“ – the modern history of female artists in Hip Hop through Media Presence.

Femme Dmc